August 31, 2020

Version 0.1.5

Bug Fixes


  • Having to submit multiple times resolved


  • Fixed the issue where sometimes the 'next' button had to be clicked multiple times
  • Fixed 'go to home' button functionality for Analyst Overview screen
  • Fixed sector selection and repetition
  • Fixed payment portal flow and the fact that it was sometimes not appearing on signup

Critical Error(s):

  • Fixed issue where hitting backspace in the weighting box made the app crash


  • Updated Firestore security rules


  • Added demo project for easier demoing


  • Added new 'Analyst Overview Screen'
  • Added explainer to sentiment analysis graph
  • Made slider for weighting a bit bolder as well as added the option to enter the % in the field box

July 22, 2020

Version 0.1.4

Bug Fixes

Home/Report Screen:

  • Delete button not working
  • Share popup not working
  • Share popup not disappearing after clicking ok
  • Fixed decimal places on the sentiment graph

Create Screen:

  • Removed “Other” from the Sector picker
  • Fixed Share project not working

Report Screen:

  • Added Error screens when projects are not found
  • Added section name to the score card on the report page
  • Added cleaner separation to Section comparison charts

Breakdown Screen:

  • Added tooltip explaining scores on the breakdown screen
  • Added suggestions to the share email field (will be improved again soon)

Create Screen:

  • Added more options to the Sector picker

July 19, 2020

Version 0.1.3

Bug Fixes
  • Issue fixed with when the weighting calculator adds up > 0.81/1.00 it starts to display up to 16 decimals
  • Redirect from questionnaire if section has already been completed
  • Delete Project button + Dialog 
  • Breakdown screen showing overall score of the question not just from the answers that have comments
  • Sentiment vs score scatter-plot. This graph shows the sentiment of the comment (ranging from -1 (very negative) to 1 (very positive) vs the score the analyst gave the question the comment was left for. This will allow for quick and easy identification of outliers. For example, if the graph shows a highly positive comment but a very low score for the question, the requestor can quickly identify these. Eventually, the requestor will be able to remove that score/comment from consideration if it is a total outlier.
  • New Question Breakdown screen
  • New chart to compare the sections on the report
  • Once file uploaded, change button to show it is uploaded
  • Company stage description in ListTile style
  • Add a box to allow other sectors / primary + secondary sectors
  • Real-time updates of the invitation page
  • NDA/Disclaimer before analysts start the different sections
  • Redirect from questionnaire if disclaimer wasn't signed
  • Tooltip for the scores + number of comments on breakdown page
  • Share button popup
  • Remove the "Open Report" overlay + Add top right menu button