Ask us anything

Who performs the due diligence?

Any network of your choice, whether personal or professional. As long as you value their opinion and you believe they have some domain knowledge, our framework will allow them to easily assess whatever company you wish.

How can I trust this network?

Our intuitive framework can turn anyone with some domain expertise into a due diligence expert.

What is this framework?

Our framework and question sets are derived from a regression analysis of 300+ company successes and failures, along with deep-level research into KPI's that top founders and investors look for.

How do I know it's going to work?

As long as you believe in the domain expertise of your network, our framework ensures that your final report will identify red flags and help you with your investment decision.

How much does it cost?

We have starter, pro, and enterprise solutions. Learn more here.

Why is this product worth the money?

Our tool allows investors to analyze data-poor environments through a framework that allows for comparison between potential opportunities. This will allow you to identify red flags and use the wisdom of your network to make the right investments.

Who are some early backers?

We are backed by a network of over 40 investors, ranging from Angel Groups to Private Investors.

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